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"Canine-911 is a must-have, must-read book for any dog owner. Canine CPR, first-aid, burns, poisoning, electrocution can happen on any day and the right response done right away can make all the difference. Keep a copy in your kennel...It really is a great book."



"Fantastic! – every dog owner should have one."



"... full of such vital information that we would recommend every dog owner has a copy of this book handy at all times. Your dog's life may depend on it."



"...provides all dog owners with a knowledgeable guide that could help save your dog's life... very easy to understand and offers extensive information accessible at the tip of your fingers. All this information is crucial to owning a puppy, and could help you in a time of need. The recommends "Canine-911!" to all our members!"



"...having read your fantastic book, I knew immediately how to react when Charlie started choking. He has fully recovered but could have died if I had been unaware of the danger and how to treat him. Our vet, Roger praised my quick actions and now recommends your book to all his clients."
Jeff R. Lynn MA



"Your book has given me the knowledge and confidence to understand and treat minor ailments at home without running to the vet everytime. As well as saving my goldie, you have saved loads off my vet's bill. Sincere thanks."
Emily Jarvis, La Jolla CA



"It was only through knowing what to do from Canine 911 that I was able to treat him until we could get him to the animal hospital. My vet said that without my initial treatment McFly could have died. He is now as happy and healthy as a Cocker should be. I can't thank you enough."
Daniel Reid, Sydney NSW



"My dog is a recue dog. She has had terrible anxiety with heart-rending howls. Sometimes she howls when I am here and she wakes from a nap. Your tips on separation anxiety have been a tremendous help"
Lori Beecher
"Discover The Canine Health Secrets That Will SAVE YOUR BELOVED DOG'S LIFE...
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"This is just such useful information. Lulu (mini toy) is the child in my house. I love her to bits and she makes every day special. I'm so grateful for the information you have sent. I now feel so much more able to care for her properly. Thank you"
Shari Krantz NSW  

Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

My name is Rebecca Prince, dog healthcare expert and author of the best-selling "Canine-911!".

If you will allow me just a few minutes of your time I will reveal to you information vital to your pet's health and wellbeing.

In this 100% free downloadable report "The 7 Most Common Dog Health Problems" you will find out essential dog care secrets that most dog owners don't know...

and what YOU know or don’t know can mean the difference between your dog's life and death.


How would YOU feel if your beloved dog was in pain, and YOU COULD HAVE EASED IT, but didn't - because you didn't recognize that there was a problem. How would YOU feel if something that could easily have been treated in the early stages wasn't picked up until it became a major problem because you couldn't read the signs?

Millions of dogs die each year because their owners didn’t have basic dog care knowledge. The truth is that many of these deaths could have been prevented if only their owners had taken a very short time to find out how to care properly for their dogs, to know what to do in an emergency and to be able to recognize common dog health problems and symptoms.

My free report "The 7 Most Common Dog Health Problems - Symptoms, Diagnoses and Treatments" is the dog care knowledge you can't afford to miss...

"...his allergies have now completely cleared up and his coat, which was dry and patchy is simply beautiful. I love Buster and want to care for him the best I can. Thank you so much for making this possible."
Carol Richards, Cirencester UK

"The 7 Most Common Dog Health Problems" will show you

The 3 most common reasons for visiting your veterinarian - how you can diagnose these ailments and treat them easily at home (this can save you $$$ on your vet's bills)
What minor common dog health problem can disguise an underlying major illness
What, and WHAT NOT to feed your dog. The common food items that can cause sickness at best and death at worst
Which common canine condition is the cause of many stress, aggression and behavioral problems - (how to recognise it and the simple way to cure it)
The common canine problem that can be easily treated in early stages but that can soon become fatal (discover how to easily recognise the early signs and prevent tragedy)

Your dog can't tell you if something is wrong, so it is up to you to have this knowledge yourself - It Is YOUR Responsibility!

Too many dogs are dying as a result of owners that didn’t invest a short time to learn the basic care of their dogs and puppies, how to tell if their dog is unwell by recognizing problem symptoms or learn exactly what their dog needs. Millions of pets are in pain or dying - through their owners lack of dog care knowledge! I Know that You won't let your dog be one of them...
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You are just seconds away from one of the best decisions you could ever make for your dog...

To your best friend's good health,

Rebecca Prince
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